The Veterans Corner

Class of 1964 Veterans Remembered

Thank you for your service to our country and the state of North Carolina.  James B. Dudley High School Class of ’64 is proud of you!!  We recognize and are extremely grateful for the commitment to the service you made for all of us.


Alvin Sligh~ US Army

Private First Class Alvin Carnell Sligh was a casualty of the Vietnam War. As a member of the Army, PFC Sligh served our country until November 6th, 1965 in South Vietnam. He was 19 years old and was not married. It was reported that Alvin died from small arms fire or grenade during Operation Long Reach, on the west bank of the Meur River, West of Plei Me Airfield.


Wilton Bennett


 Wilton Bennett~ US Army


Jerry Brown


 Jerry Brown~ US Navy




Nathaniel Brown~ US Navy




James Brooks~ US Army




William Bynum~ US Army



Douglas Chavis~ US Air Force


Airborne, Jim Davis2


 James Davis~ US Army


Authur Gee

Arthur Gee~ US Air Force


Herbert Butch Haywood


Herbert Haywood~ US Army


Warren Jones


Warren Jones~ US Army



Umstead McAdoo~ US Air Force


Robert Rambert

Robert Rambert~ US Air Force


Dennis Richmond

Dennis Richmond~ US Army



Franklin Richmond~ US Marines


Marquis Street

Marquis Street~ US Army


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